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Pinned topic Simulation Monitor (SIMMON) symbol export issue

‏2011-10-17T19:08:42Z |
I have an IBM AIX server for an aircraft simulation host computer. It has shared memory connections with another unix (Centos) box.

I can build the host load, but I'm having some issues with getting the simulation monitor tool to come up, so that I can start and monitor the simulation, using simmon.

Activating the tool (from any username or root) gives me the following errors:

exec() cannot load program simmon because of the following errors:
0509-130 Symbol resolution fail for simmon because
0509-136 Symbol PinShm (number 113) is not exported from dependent module / unix
0509-192 Examine. loader section symbols with the "dump -Tv" command.

I've poured over the google pages for this and I've encountered some feedback on turning on asynchronous i/o. Which I've done, with no change to the error message.

Most info on this is directed toward this async i/o or 32/64 bit kernel operation. I have verified my kernel operation and it is correct.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.