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Pinned topic Dojo Tookit version for preview

‏2011-10-13T16:27:48Z |

Is there a specific version of the Dojo Toolkit that was used for the samples?
The latest beta version available is 1.7.0b6. Is this technology preview using 1.7 and is it planned to keep up with the beta releases of Dojo?

The Dojo Toolkit is evolving in terms of mobile widgits. Will updates to RADforWebSphere 8 be released to support the latest versions of 1.7?

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    Re: Dojo Tookit version for preview

    Hi Jackie,

    The Dojo builds used in the samples are based off of Dojo 1.7.0.beta3A.
    Specifically: : r25702 : r25703 : r25696 : r25693 : r25656

    There is no reason that the samples shouldn't work with builds created from newer versions (there may be minor tweaking required.)

    We, as well as the RAD team, will certainly be keeping our eyes on recent/future releases of Dojo as IBM is a continuing contributor to the technology.