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Pinned topic Deploy ITM Agent ISDM7.2.2

‏2011-10-13T03:50:48Z |
After you configure the resource pool, you might notice no matter you tick or untick the Monitoring agent to be installed, you cant see the agent there, so how?

Go to ISDM 7.2.2 guide, every step is there. Its not a bug..I heard from my boss that someone (disclose) is saying its a known bug.

Additional configuration for IBM Tivoli Monitoring agent
To complete the configuration for deploying IBM Tivoli Monitoring agent at virtual
image provisioning time, you must complete the steps in the following procedure.
1. While you are still logged in to the Tivoli Service Automation Manager
administrative user interface, navigate to Go To > IT Infrastructure > Software
catalog > Software Stacks. Select the software stack you defined in your DCM
file. For example:
v In the sample in “Customizing and importing the DCM.xml file” on page
106, the name of the stack is EsxPoolStack.
2. After you have selected the correct software stack, go to Select Action > Add
Stack Entry. In the Software Definition edit field, type IBM Tivoli Monitoring
Agent and press Enter.
3. Click Submit. Select Yes to save the changes.