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Pinned topic How to use the Cognos SDK to pass parameters to a report

‏2011-10-11T07:17:54Z |

I have a requirement to pass parameters from a
Java screen to Cognos Report Prompt pages.

For example take a Java screen with a text box
Emp ID.
In the Cognos report I have a prompt page with
Emp ID as Text box prompt.

Users will be entering the values in
Java screen for EMP ID.Whatever the values the user enters in Java screen for EMP ID should be passed to Cognos Prompt pages and the report should run for the emp id.

Please note that,text box for EMP id in Java is
associated with a parameter p1.The parameter p1 is stored in a database table.The parameter p1 in java should be mapped to the parameter in the report prompt page.

We have identified Cognos SDK to implement the above scenario.

I am new to Cognos SDK.Please let me know how to implement the above scenario in Cognos SDK.

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    Re: How to use the Cognos SDK to pass parameters to a report

    ‏2013-11-01T18:10:29Z  in response to SystemAdmin

    Hi Aravinda,


    We have similar requierment where we pass Employee ID from an external site and they should be passed to Cognos report using Cognos SDK. Did you get succeeded to make it work.If  yes, please let me know the solution