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Pinned topic Error when importing a report as data source into Transformer 8.3

‏2011-10-08T13:25:17Z |

I tried to import a report from go datawarehouse (query) package into transformer 8.3. After selecting the report and clicking ok I get the following error. Kindly let me know how to fix this,

RPT-DBL-3501 The following error was detected attempting to validate the report: QE-DEF-0312: An error occured while calling the content store for identity information.
CCL-RCI-0011 RCI caught a deserialization exception when deserializing SOAP response from soap server.
The error messages from WASP engine:

the canUseShowHiddenObjectsPreference is not a enum number
The environment we are using consists of cognos 8.4 server, transformer 8.3, SQL server. Please let me know your suggestions.