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‏2011-10-08T09:57:52Z |
Dear All,

For learning purpose I’ve created a GUI tool for Solid DB, however, I thought it might be useful tool.
I've attached the executable jar, this project considered to be the project zero (startup project) that includes some basic functionality. A lot of features and enhancements will be added later on. If you interested i would upload the source code and the community work on it.

Features in this release:
1. Show Schemas and Tables
2. Create/Drop schema
3. Create/Drop table
4. Show table data
5. Execute Query (with auto complete schema’s tables while typing the query)
6. Run script file

Source Code overview: Handles the navigation and communication between views. Handles the connection to the solid server and executing the queries. Responsible for creating popups, popup component listed below displayed when left click server node displayed when left click schema node displayed when left click table node displayed when left click query text area displayed when typing schema nama and “.” In the query area TreeNode Object Data to be populated in the DataTable
Kind regards,
Amr Khaled