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Pinned topic Error while deleting a document

‏2011-10-07T17:44:36Z |
I tried to delele a document from its collection view (WebUI) and got an error message. Any ideas how to delete it?

GSR0084E: An error occurred while attempting to lookup item "a4b351a4-a495-4537.a223.8a67438a2311" in the registry.
GSR0038E: The Object with the bsrURI of "a4b351a4-a495-4537.a223.8a67438a2311" could not be found in the WSRR.
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Initial/loaded RawObject for PersistedObjectImpl did not have rdf:type : RawObject({,,})
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    Re: Error while deleting a document

    I'm afraid there isn't enough information there to diagnose what went wrong.

    I think the simplest course of action would be to contact IBM Support and raise a PMR. They will be able to help collect all the relevant information and find out what happened.