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Pinned topic Allow drag & drop of portlets with no title bar

‏2011-10-06T13:17:53Z |
While in edit mode on a page, the drag and drop feature is great to arrange portlets. However if you choose no skin, you can't grab a portlet to drag it. In the current Beta 2, you can't seem to change the skin inside the universal tool bar (only one skin shows up in the list). So you have to go to the old admin screens and change the appearance there first.
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    Re: Allow drag & drop of portlets with no title bar

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Regarding the ability to drag and drop portlets, the design of the new "Portal 8.0" theme has 3 sample skins that are available that will have an impact on how this will work.
    1. "Portal 8.0 - Standard" - This skin is visible when you are in View mode or Edit mode.
    2. "Portal 8.0 - Hidden" - This skin is hidden in View mode, but visible in Edit mode. This skin is the default skin applied out of the box.
    3. "Portal 8.0 - No Skin" - This skin is never visible in View mode or Edit mode. You will not be able to use drag and drop with this skin applied.

    So, to be able to grab a portlet for drag and drop you can do 1 of 2 things:
    A.) Keep the "Portal 8.0 - Hidden" skin and go into Edit mode on your current page. To do this click on "Edit" in the upper left hand corner. Now you can drag/drop portlets to where you want them and then click "Save" or "Save Draft".
    B.) Apply the "Portal 8.0 - Standard" skin as the default skin for the theme. To do this go to Administration > Themes and Skins. Make sure that "Portal 8.0 - portal default" is highlighted and select "Edit theme". From there you can select the "Portal 8.0 - Standard" skin and select "Set as default". Note: You must still go into Edit mode just like in option A.) to be able to drag and drop portlets on the page.
    Regarding the fact that you cannot change the skin inside the universal toolbar, you are correct. We do not have this feature available in the universal toolbar and you would need to navigate to Administration > Manage Pages. Then select Content Root > Home > YourPageName. Select the "Edit Page Layout" button and then select the "Appearance" tab. From here you can change the skin of the portlets on YourPageName.