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Pinned topic Database table columns and data dynamic display in screen

‏2011-10-06T10:05:37Z |
Database table column names and those values need to display dynamically in the screen customized way.
Pleae suggest the builders which need to use to implement that.thanks in advance
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    Re: Database table columns and data dynamic display in screen

    WEF/WPF can do the most automation/generation of UI for you when the schema (structure) of the data is known at design/regen time so it can generate the right UIs (input forms and result structure) for your data, but there are more manual ways that some level of dynamic UI can be generated at runtime, using lower level builders...

    This forum is typically for web service/schema questions - you'll find more UI generation experts and similar threads with similar questions/answers already there, in the WEF/WPF Best Practices forum at:

    such as the following similar dynamic UI generation thread.