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‏2011-10-05T15:44:42Z |
I've been looking for days trying to find a solution which would allow pc, cell phone and tablet users (perhaps mostly using android based devices) to vidconf together.

I have tested flash based solutions which don't work because adobe flash cannot access the mic and vid camera on the cell/tablet devices.

I am told that AIR based solutions would work but I have had no luck finding anything either open source or even commercial. There are some very costly solutions but not being an enterprise, I cannot consider them since we have wasted too much money on such solutions in the past.

I am hoping that perhaps someone here might have some leads to pass on which I could look into.

Thank you kindly.

I was not really sure where to ask this so if anyone has suggestions, I welcome them. In the meantime, this might be the place since it is all about programmers working on various projects. I am an IBM BladeCenter owner so figured this might be the best place.
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    I don't know a lot of CMU software, but maybe you could be interested in Big Blue Button, that's a great open source software. We use it at TALCOD (French Web and Open source agency I work in) to build videoconferencing tools tailored to each organization and I can tell that customers are quite satisfied with it. It is also possible to join a videoconference by phone call. Hope it helps!