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Pinned topic WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid v8 Trial

‏2011-10-04T12:54:14Z |
We are excited to announce the availability of IBM WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid v8.0.0.0 trial!!!!

WebSphere Compute Grid v8 trial requires WebSphere Application Server v8.
This trial is supported on Windows and Linux platforms for a limited evaluation period of 60 days.
This trial version of Compute Grid v8 can be found here:
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    Re: WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid v8 Trial

    ‏2011-11-11T15:14:26Z  in response to sajan
    If experiencing difficulty installing the package download from the site above, such
    as seeing error "Resumable download failed:",
    a work around is to download and install IBM Install Manager from IBM support website, then add
    the link below to IM repository