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Pinned topic Capture all VGs of an AIX system - how to?

‏2011-10-03T11:58:59Z |

I am asking this question in this forum since I did not get any answered in the IBM SysDir forum.
Using the Cloudburst stack (TSAM, TUAM, ...), is it possible to capture and deploy all the VGs of an AIX workload using the VMControl 'connector' in TSAM?
I know that VMControl only cannot capture anything else than the rootvg (because of the way NIM and mksysb work).
Is it solved by adding TSAM/TUAM, or not?
The use case here would be to capture a running AIX box with a rootvg and a datavg containing an OracleDB, and then deploy that on another server.
Thanks for your help.