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Pinned topic My style sheet class is being overridden by an IBM style

‏2011-09-30T20:07:24Z |
I have a WPF 7.0.1 model with an Imported Page builder in it. On that imported page, I have the following tag:

When I put a Button builder on that tag, my css class "Button" is being amended and my buttons look blue. The following line came out of the browser source:

<input name="findButton" class="Button wpfBlueButton" value="Find" onclick="var _f=this.form;_f.action = document.getElementById(&quot;wpf_action_ref_0NemschoffSunoXRef132bbeecc8d7_1&quot;).href; = &quot;_self&quot;;if (!_f.onsubmit || !(_f.onsubmit() === false)) wpf_pprV701201106101909.submit(_f, &quot;null&quot;, wpf_pprV701201106101909.smartRefreshHandler, {execScripts:false, eventPfx: &quot;NemschoffSunoXRef132bbeecc8d7Ajax&quot;});return false" type="button">

Note the "class="Button wpfBlueButton"".

I found the wpfBlueButton class in blue_buttons.css in \WebContent\factory\html_templates and commented out the class. That fixed my issue, but my understanding it that files in the "factory" folder shouldn't be changed. Is there a better way around this?