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Pinned topic Component Integrator installation and settings

‏2011-09-29T11:06:38Z |
Hi, I have two questions about FileNet Component Integrator installation and settings.

I am wondering if we can install Component Integrator on PE node instead of AE node. Is it possible to install Component Integrator on any node other than AE node?

I found the following description about Component Integrator setting in FileNet P8 Information Center 5.0.

"In a high availability environment, leave the Host field blank. If you configure Process Engine to talk to a specific Application Engine node, it would only attempt to communicate with the component integrator on that node, and will not be able to switch to another node in case of an Application Engine failover."

Would you tell me how Component Integrator can found the location of high-available AE when the Host field is blank?