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‏2011-09-29T01:20:29Z |
IBM services offer a utility for getting business terms out of a logical data model maintained in ERwin version 7.0 and loading them into Business Glossary.

Has anyone used this tool and, if so, how is it used? Are there any instructions for it? How easy is it to use? What does it actually do?

The utility was written by Riccardo Tani, but I hear that Riccardo has left IBM.
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  • YuJo
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    Re: erwin2bg


    I didn't use it, but I did make another XML Stylesheet(XSL) to convert ERwin 7.2 data model into a BG XML import file. Here is the process :
    • Save ERWin model as AllFushion Repository(XML) format;
    • run msxsl(Microsoft XML Framework 4), using the ERwin XML file and the XSL file as input, and convert the model into another XML schema;
    • Import the generated XML into Business Glossary via InfoSphere web console.

    This has been tested on 8.1.2. The benefit of using XSL is it's a script file and you can easily control and change how your logical data model is mapped to categories and terms in BG.

    The subject area diagrams need another Visio VBA program to convert into HTML, and if you want to be able to jump to the table in metadata repository by clicking a box on the diagram, it requires some extra steps.

    Happy to discuss more !

  • RayWurlod(ZenithSolutions)
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    Re: erwin2bg

    We decided to install version 8.7, in which it is possible to import logical data models via the ERwin bridge. You can then run an istool glossary ldm2bg command to get at the business terms contained in the logical data model.