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Pinned topic FormLayout with HTML datapage

‏2011-09-28T06:52:50Z |
Defined html labels in a xml variable and created datapage which is displayed correctly.

Trying to use FormLayout builder to align column header which changes not reflected .The following warning in that builder.
Please help on this.Thanks in advance

Warning Msg:
Field selector "CutomerHome_PGEGreetScreenLabel_DP/data" did not evaluate to any fields. Ensure that this BuilderCall follows the corresponding Data Page BuilderCall.

If we move this form layout bulder after that data page getting the below error
The element "data" does not have an HTML Template defined. The Form Layout Builder can not function without one.
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    Re: FormLayout with HTML datapage

    I'm puzzled how you managed to activate PageAutomation without using an HTML Template, since (I thought) every technique now has a default one. The old style of creating the HTML (which does it just in the code, rather than getting the HTML snippets from an HTML Template) is not supported anymore. Most of the newer features of PageAutomation will not work right. I'm pretty pleased that the Form Layout builder knew to give you an error rather than just create something bad on your page.

    You said you're using just an XML variable? And then Data Page pointing to it? Or are you using a higher-level builder like Input Form?

    Probably the source of the issue is using an untyped XML Variable. This is supported, but not recommended. Try putting a Simple Schema builder on the variable and tell it to modify the variable. If the problem goes away, that is probably what triggered it. In the long run, you'll probably want a schema to be driving PageAutomation, since you probably have some fields which are dates or integers. Without a schema it assumes everything is just a string.

    Tip: Once you are using the Simple Schema builder, you can right-click the buildercall and convert it to be a Schema builder. It will initialize the schema to the one that the Simple Schema created. Then you can tweak it as needed, with types and minOccurs, as makes sense. However, you'll have to move the Schema builder to be before the variable builder, and change the variable builder to declare the variable to have that type, rather than just untyped XML.