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Pinned topic Errors and problems in Cognos 8.4

‏2011-09-26T10:09:07Z |

I am getting some problems on cognos 8.4.Some problems and errors are as follows.

I am using Apache2.2, database is OracleXE and in my laptop OS is Windows
7 intstalled but Cognos can not work on that so i used to install
VMWare Workstation.Windows XP installed in VMWare.

1.But i am getting one error ''Error 1053: The service did not respond
to the start or control request on timely fashion'' when i start IBM
Cognos8 service.i kept service as 'Manual' option to start.

2.Another thing is the Cognos samples what i installed are published but
in Report Studio they are not running successfully.

Please anybody suggest me to get through these problems.
Thanks in advance..