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Pinned topic write a kernel extension for a "file driver" (AIX 5.3)

‏2011-09-25T13:02:37Z |

I would like to get some help to write a kernel extension called filzip

when the filzip is loaded into the kernel (load filzip with parameter <filename>)
it creates a special file /dev/fzip_<filename> that implements all file operations (open, read,write,...)
and the kernel extension filzip manages a compressed version of the original file.

How can I implement this? since I never wrote a kernel extension I need a sample code (a template) that
I can use to fill the rest of the code.

PS: I am not sure, but for now I do not want to use a file system that save compressed data on physical disk;
I really want a kernel extension that manages a compressed copy of an existing file.

Thank you for your help

Kind regards
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    Re: write a kernel extension for a "file driver" (AIX 5.3)

    To start with, have a look at the following pages.

    Also if you google around a bit you might find some other examples.