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Pinned topic Portal fails on initial invocation

‏2011-09-23T14:08:31Z |

we installed the v8.0 Beta VMware image according to the instructions. The installation verification succeds, the administrative console works, but requests to the portal throw

Error 500: javax.servlet.ServletException: Filter State Cleanup: Could not find required filter class -

I found some articles, but they all refer to V7.0 or older. What could have been gone wrong?

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    Re: Portal fails on initial invocation

    It sounds like either your WAS or Portal directories might not have unzipped properly. In other words, if you look at:


    Its possible that one of those directories is empty or missing some required files.
    The fix is to:
    1. stop the VM
    2. unzip the appropriate Portal or WAS zip file again
    3. restart the VM
    Hopefully that helps