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Pinned topic MQ FTE and FIFO (First-In-First-Out)

‏2011-09-21T17:47:58Z |
How many users are currently processing file transfers with MQ FTE keeping FIFO in mind?

Are there tricks you are using and is there any customized code that you have created?

I am looking at processes where say FILEA is sent from a server 20 times a day. If the 10th occurrance fails for some reason during the day, I want the other files to stack up and NOT send until the 10th occurrence has been successfully sent.

I am new to MQ FTE and was wondering how others handled this type of processing.

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    Re: MQ FTE and FIFO (First-In-First-Out)

    I have definitely seen FIFO requirements but they are usually within a single transfer where the typical situation is when a resource monitor matches a group of files and the files need to be delivered in a specified order, usually be timestamp. This is solved by configuring the resource monitor to match on a "trigger file" which then invokes an Ant script to get a list of files form a defined folder, orders them by time stamp then delivers them sequentially until all are sent.

    Your situation is a bit different. It can be done, but you will need to write some code outside of FTE that will maintain the state needed and send files only when the state conditions are appropriate.