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Pinned topic IBM WebSphere XD Compute Grid Web Meetings - Interact with Development Team

‏2011-09-21T15:25:46Z |
The IBM WebSphere XD Compute Grid development team is now hosting an ongoing series of web meetings to give IBM customers an opportunity to do the following:
-Learn about key Java batch application capabilities included in Compute Grid
-Provide feedback on existing, new, and proposed product features
-Submit additional ideas for enhancing Compute Grid

In order to participate in the activities, you must first enroll in the WebSphere Client Experience Program (CEP). The enrollment process involves completing a simple, web-based confidential disclosure agreement that covers your participation in all types of CEP customer feedback activities, including those that may involve the use of early releases of WebSphere products and tools. Completing the agreement will also give you access to the CEP download page where session presentations and recordings are posted for later reference.

To get started, please send the following information to the CEP lead at The CEP lead will then guide you through the remaining steps, and ultimately send you invitations to sessions that match your interests.

*Your Name:
*Your Company:
*Your Work E-Mail Address:
*WebSphere Product Interests: Compute Grid, Others?
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Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
Example roles include IT Architect, Application Architect, Application Developer, Infrastructure Architect, System Administrator, and so on.

Additional information about the WebSphere Client Experience Program (CEP):
-The CEP facilitates feedback activities between you and the IBM development community, which can include demonstrations, early design reviews, user scenario exercises, requirement gathering, usability evaluations, and so on.
-There is no obligation to participate in sessions (or to RSVP).
-The CEP FaceBook page is a great place to learn more about the program and upcoming activities! Within FaceBook, search for "Client Experience Program for IBM WebSphere Products".


IBM WebSphere XD Compute Grid Development Team