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Pinned topic How to hide unused classifications and transitions?

‏2011-09-20T16:38:27Z |

We are using a customized basic profile with our own business model and classification system. Besides from using the endpoint lifecycle and the environment classifications, we only use our stuff. I've been asked to hide unused classifications (like Policy Set, Governance Profile Lifecycle, Core, etc.) in the "Edit classifications" page and unused transitions (like Request *, Propose *, Initiate *, etc.) in the "New suscriptions" page.

I've deleted ALE63.owl, ME70.owl, SM63.owl, ServiceDiscoveryTechnicalModel.owl, PolicySetTaxonomy.owl, PolicyTaxonomy.owl and core.owl from the profile. Also I've commented certain parts of GovernanceProfileTaxonomy.owl, LifecycleDefinition.owl and LifecycleDefinition.sacl. It looks like this works, but I'm a little worried because the infocenter says that there are some classification systems that are important to the functioning of WSRR and should generally not be removed.

Is it OK what I did? Is there a better, safer way to hide the unused classifications and transitions?

WSRR v7.0 FP4 + DB2 9.7 FP2
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    Re: How to hide unused classifications and transitions?

    ‏2011-09-22T12:43:21Z  in response to _Martin_
    Deleting these owls is certainly NOT a safe thing to do ... the fact that it (appears) to work is just accidental. You have three options:
    (a) Use WSRR Studio to modify you profile to remove those aspects that you are not interested in so that we can be sure that you have a consistent profile. If you don't want particular transitions, you should remove them from the relevant life cycles under Studio control. However, if it's just about hiding stuff in the UI, you can ...
    (b) If you're using WebUI, there are numerous UI configuration files (Collections and Details) which you can see under the Configuration perpective, which you can edit directly to remove the items from your UI views.
    (c) If you're using Business Space, you should use the configuration to hide the items you're not interested in.

    Contact me off-line if you need specific help.

    Brian Hulse
    WSRR Development.
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      Re: How to hide unused classifications and transitions?

      ‏2011-10-07T17:40:16Z  in response to Hulse
      Brian, I wrote you an email a couple of weeks ago. Hope you can find some time to help me.