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Pinned topic WBEM providers on AIX box

‏2011-09-19T10:00:26Z |
Hello experts,

I am developing a application to monitor the health of hardware using CIM API through Open Pegasus library. I want to monitor the my AIX 6.1 box and i installed the IBM System director 6.2 on this box. I am able to connect with this box using "Connect" API of open Pegasus SDK through 5989 port but when i query for some of the AIX class to get the detail of memory or detail of FAN then it's always returns me a invalid class. My question is:
1. Is there any way that we can get the response for all the hardware classes?
2. Do we need to install additional providers on the machine so that i can get the response?
3. Is there any configuration that need to be done to get the response?

Thanks in advance!