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Pinned topic How to stop websphere application server profile?

‏2011-09-19T07:54:04Z |
Hi All,
I am trying to uninstall infosphere warehouse from my system, but when i use wizard, i am getting error as "The Websphere Application Server profile that was installed with product is Running.You must stop this profile before you continue". Can anyone suggest me the process or method to stop the application server profile.
Thanks in Advance!!!
Abhishek Shrivastava
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    Re: How to stop websphere application server profile?

    Hi - it depends on the OS where the product is installed.

    For Windows, you should be able to either use the shortcut :
    IBM WebSphere > Application Server > Profiles > (profilename) > Stop the Server

    or from the Services menu stop the WebSphere Application Server process

    On AIX/Linux/Unix, using the root account run the script that is found in a directory like :

    /opt/IBM/WebSphere/<AppServer name>/profiles/<profilename>/bin

    and run the command : server1

    Best regards,
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