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Pinned topic NIC resetting after sys brd replacement

‏2011-09-15T19:55:52Z |
I'm having an issue of the NIC not being recognized as eth0 after a system board is replaced, with the same hdd installed. eth0 is required for our setup, and this breaks dhcp and halting all accessibility for the machine. Hardware is 4800-782. OS is SLES11 (issue occurs before and after SP1).

These systems are remote, and it is cumbersome to walk a non technical end user (or technician) through the commands to manually reset it, not to mention providing the individual a password. I have a shortcut workaround in place, but I want to determine the root cause and fix the issue at the source.

Any thoughts? Please let me know what further information would be necessary to diagnose.
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    Re: NIC resetting after sys brd replacement

    Hi, Theo.

    Did you ever get an answer on this? IRQ conflicts are the first thing that spring to mind.

    Chris Walden