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Pinned topic Omnifind 8.4 a complex query syntax

‏2011-09-14T07:16:51Z |
Is it possible to create a complex query in IBM Omnifind 8.4?
I don't find anything in the infocenter :(

Actually, I need something like this:

(all of these words) OR (field1:all AND field1:of AND field1:these AND field1:words) OR (field2:all AND field2:of AND field2:these AND field2:words)
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    Re: Omnifind 8.4 a complex query syntax


    there are 2 kinds of Omnifind query syntax: freestyle and opaque terms:

    THe freestyle syntax does not allow you to nest and AND within an OR, but the complex syntax does allow for that.
    @xmlf2::'<.or><.and>all of these words</.and> <.and>field1:all field1:of field1:these field1:words</.and> <.and>field2:all field2:of field2:these field2:words</.and> </.or>'
    This syntax is actually for querying XML structure, but it should work as well without.
    I think this is also valid for 8.4, but I cannot validate.
    Cheers, /Jochen