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Pinned topic Problem importing Excel xlsx file into SPSS Statistics version 20.0.0

‏2011-09-09T20:57:48Z |
I have an xlsx file set up with column headers and I have now tried several times to import it properly into SPSS version 20, which I downloaded from the website as a free trial version.

I am working with Windows XP.

The import SEEMS to work, but there are flaws in the data. For example, suddenly in row 15 I had an IDNum, Name, Phone where the name was in the phone column, and several rows after that, the column header suddenly appeared in the name field. Since row 14 had an empty phone number, I thought this might be the problem, so I changed the Excel file so the phone number was 0 instead of blank, and the same problem occurred at the same spot. There was no apparent issue of this sort in the Excel file.

Finally I saved the original Excel file as csv and the import was flawless.

Is there anything special we should know about importing from xlsx files? Or is this a possible bug?