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Pinned topic Display of Horizontal Column headings

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Hi All,

I have attached the format of the table required to be displayed in our project.

I have the following queries to create this table strucutre,

1. Column Headers are having dynamic values, I can use text builders to populate those values, but if you see, i have 13 vertical column headers like WK 34, Wk 35, etc ... WK 45, i will get the starting week number like 34, and i have to show 13 column headers by adding one by one. In that case, should I use 13 text builders?

2. You can find the Horizontal column headers like Demand Cum, Demand, Supply, etc ...
How do I display Horizontal column headers like this?

3. I have to do manipulation for each field in each row, how do i do it in a resultset?

Kindly reply me as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance,
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    Re: Display of Horizontal Column headings

    Here's a quick sample of displaying data horizontally while still using page automation that I believe covers a use case similar to yours.