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Pinned topic How Process Engine queries the PE Database

‏2011-09-01T10:55:06Z |
http://FileNet P8 v4.0.3 / AIX / WebSphere / Oracle 10g

In my current assignment, I've been asked by the Customer about how the Process Engine interacts with the underlying database, specifically whether there is any possibility of 'Dirty Reads' or row-level locking occurring during queries. The database is Oracle 10g.

Just to give some background, this relates to a custom Java application that will produce MI Reports for the business. It will use the PE API, and the reports are real-time up to the minute. (Please don't suggest Process Analyser or BAM, these have been discounted. I'm looking for a specific answer here).

Since these reports will query a Production database, there is a concern of a possible impact to performance of the system.

In my opinion, I think it's very unlikely that Dirty Reads/Locks could occur, since most of the queries will tackle the EventLog, which I guess only experiences INSERTs to the table.

Is there anyone reading this Post who is familiar with the internals of the PE, and how it executes SQL queries in Oracle?

Many Thanks

Ian Wilson.