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‏2011-08-31T20:51:16Z |
We have customers in two databases , our objective is to identify master and duplicate record
Based on First Name , Last name , address1 , city , state , zip . for few customers there is no address1 information , in that case I need to consider Date of Birth column (DOB) and then decide master and duplicate.
I am using match specification blocking columns for this & defined first pass with blocking columns as
firstName,lastname,address1, city, state and zip.
Second pass blocking columns are firstName,lastname, ,dob, city, state and zip
But I got below error . Please let me know how can I fix this.
“ Input column DATE_OF_BIRTH is a numeric column. Numeric columns cannot be used for character blocking”
Customer - Database A
firstName lastname address1 dob city state zip
john doe 05-21-2975 Jersey city NJ 07100

Customer - Database B
firstName lastname address1 dob city state zip
john doe Terrace ave 05-21-2975 Jersey city NJ 07100