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Pinned topic Sending external files (email) directly into FileNet as an automated link

‏2011-08-31T10:20:19Z |
I want to know if I external files can be sent directly into FileNet as an automated link. If its possible, can someone please share how I can go about it? I was thinking of using WebDav but not sure if its the right thing to use.

Secondly, I want to promote multiple version of document files from minor to major, instead of doing it one by one... is this possible? If it is, can someone please explain how I can go about it?

Please any help will be appreciated.

Many thanks
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    Re: Sending external files (email) directly into FileNet as an automated link

    ‏2011-08-31T16:47:52Z  in response to phar897
    You could certainly cook up your own solution for ingesting documents into P8 in some unattended way. The particulars of how you would do it would depend a lot on the specifics of your environment. Something you might have a look at is a product called IBM Content Collector ( It specializes in finding content a variety of external places and flexibly ingesting it into the repository. It may or may not be overkill for what you are trying to do, but you can imagine that the folks behind that product spend a lot of time thinking about and optimizing all the common use cases.

    For bulk promotion, there is no specific API call for that. You could promote them individually and use an UpdatingBatch to get the best performance.