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I have a fat client application that sends data via serialized objects to a WebSphere 7.0 server, which then gets or sets data to a DB2 box via stored procedure calls. The database end is quick as it's only really dealing with the raw data. Even our biggest query, thanks to indexing, can take less then 2 seconds to run. At peek times, in a 15 minute window, our WebSphere box can output 1GB of data to clients while only receiving 25MB from the DB, a shocking difference.

We store the data inside objects that can be inside other objects that can be inside other objects, based on the logical design of model we are building (ex. 1 house object can contain x number of chair objects that can contain x number of lint objects, etc. basic stuff) We use Java's standard serialization to transport our data back and forth to the server. As our app grows, this is already starting to become a performance headache for our users when dealing with large amounts of objects in one transaction (passing a house with all chairs included).

I'm wondering what's the best option for serialization. I was looking into JBoss Serialization and was wondering if that would work with WebSphere and if so, how much of a mod it would be as RAD/WebSphere builds my server side Stubs for me. In the end, I'm just looking for a faster way to transport objects back and forth from client desktops to the WebSphere server as I know how verbose Java's standard serialization can be.

What would you suggest? Thanks for your time.
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    Re: Java Serialization - What's Best/Faster?

    I have found the Serialization functionality in hadoop to be very per formant compared to java itself, and while it isn't the best, but if it provides enough performance, I would think its best to keep dependencies low.