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I have a customer who is trying to create a customer launch to menu item. Here is the history of the request:

They have created a custom service portlet with all their services on it. What they want now is to have the ability to right click on the services and have a 'Launch to' menu item that will launch a web brower to a local web page explaining to the user what would cause the service to be Bad or Marginal.

I have seen in the docs where you can launch to ITM or other service console, but no real instructions on how to create a custom one. I just wanted to create a launch item that would go to

Any help would be appreciated.

Brian Hernandez
Accelerated Value Specialist
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    Re: Custom launch to menu item

    Hi Brian -

    There is an integration paper that might help with what you want to do. Please have a look at:

    For your specific example (launching to from all services), see section 6.1 Creating a static launch action available from all services.

    Hope this helps..
    Kevin Kuhner
    IBM Tivoli Software