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Pinned topic Process assets for Rational Solutions

‏2011-08-26T11:59:52Z |
Hi Folks,

As you may know, Rational has been busy creating a number of "Solutions" (aka Accelerators). Each solution consists of a specific set of tools, methods and service offerings that are developed and tested together to meet the needs of a specific type of stakeholders/teams.

For each of the solution offerings, we have a corresponding method configuration defined in the IBM Practice Library that ships with Rational Method Composer. Each configuration contains:

1. The collection of appropriate Practices. Each practice includes work product descriptions, templates, example work products, checklists, task descriptions, guidelines, tool mentors for the relevant tools, recommended metrics, etc.
2. End-End workflow description(s) Delivery Process(es) which define the overall multi-role, multi-tool usage scenario for the solution
3. Tool configuration assets to support the End-End workflow (RTC templates, LPA templates, DOORS DXL utilities, report templates, etc.)
4. Guidance on deploying and configuring the tools for a project/team

These method configurations contain all of the process assets and guidance needed to rapidly deploy and configure the tools as an integrated solution, to on-board team members, and to execute a project.

Licensed RMC customers can download the process assets for each of the released solutions here: Link:

A published war file and a standalone library is provided for each solution. Of course, you can merge these libraries using standard RMC capabilities (export/import configurations).

More details of each of these solutions is provide on the download page.

I hope you found this useful.

Please post a note to this thread if your organization/team adopts one of the solutions so we can tell if we are making a difference. All feedback on the assets is welcome...we are always trying to improve.