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‏2011-08-26T10:12:28Z |
Hello all,
I am new to Optim Database Administrator I want to know how to compare two database
and to the different between them.
As I read in the following links:

Compare two databases to find out if anything is different or missing. This is especially helpful for problem determination.
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    Re: Compare two database


    Follow the below steps for comparing databases,

    1. In ODA/DS, select the data perspective.
    2. Go to the data source explorer.
    3. Expand the connection profiles.
    4. Select SAMPLE and MYDB(in my case). In your case, select your databases.
    5. Right click and select "Compare With".
    6. Select "Each other".
    7. The popup will open.
    8. Please click on OK button with the default settings.
    9. The compare window will open.

    Refer the screen shot in the attachment.

    Best Regards,