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I am new to RDD..I have one search html contain some labels and radio and text box .Pls guide me to make RDD for all those labels and those pageelements.thanks in advance
Screen Display:

Search By

<< radio button >> Customer name << radio button >> phone number

Search <<Input box>>

submit button

Note:only Search <<Input box>> those label and validation added remaining labels and pagelements not able to change the label value.pls guide
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    Re: RDD query

    I'm a little curious that you are asking this as an RDD question. That isn't how I would go about it, unless you're using 6.1.5 or earlier. (That actually isn't how I, personally, would do it even earlier, though there is a good case to make for doing it that way.)

    The first point to recognize, which might not be obvious, is that your page has only two values: SearchBy and Search. The best approach it so put those as the two inputs to a service operation which returns the results. Then you can use View and Form (or DSUI, if your operation is set up for it) to create the input page and the results page.

    Now you want to have a lookup table for the choices, because you probably have different values that you pass to your service than "Customer Name" and "Phone Number." This is especially important if you plan to Internationalize your application. Let's call the lookup table SearchByChoices and it will translate from your internal value to your user-visible text.

    Now, if you are using 6.1.5 or sooner, you might use an RDD file to make the SearchBy field be a Radio Box, and assign the lookup table to it, but you also might use a Data Field Modifier. In Factory 7.0.0 or later, you should use a Data Field Settings builder. Just declare the type of the SearchBy field to be Radio Button Group (horizontal), and select SearchByChoices in the lookup table column.