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Pinned topic Managing HMC via SDMC

‏2011-08-23T13:30:45Z |

I discovered an HMC in SDMC. The discovery is successful and I could see all LAPRs, P5 systems etc. in the SDMC UI.

However, when I ran the command 'lssyscfg' on the SDMC, I wasn't able to see the systems that were added to the HMC subsequently.

Are there any CLIs to list all the systems registered with the SDMC (regardless whether discovered directly or indirectly through the HMC)?

Second point pertaining to managing P5 systems via SDMC: since SDMC itself can not manage P5, how can we manage LPARs on P5 system from SDMC? Are there any CLIs to achieve this?

Amit Paradkar
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    Re: Managing HMC via SDMC

    What you see is correct: you discovered the HMC in the Systems Director side of the SDMC, but the SDMC is not in direct communication with the Flexible Service Processor (FSP) on the P5 systems. That's because that generation of Power Servers aren't supported with SDMC.

    Therefore, the lssyscfg command, which lists the Servers that are directly managed by the SDMC, doesn't list those systems.

    If you want to see all systems discovered, you can use the "smcli lssys" command. It's not the same kind of information as you get from "lssyscfg".

    Because the SDMC does not contain VMControl, you will have limited functionality when it comes to management of the P5 systems. The "smcli" (Systems Director CLI) is available.

    Glen Corneau
    IBM Power Systems Advanced Technical Skills