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Hi everybody,
I don't know if the right place for this post but i have a question about AIX zonning.

I have an IBM System P-9113 with an AIX 5.3.
I want to change my fibre channel switch between the server and SAN IBM DS4300.
I replace FC IBM TotalStorage SAN Switch - 8 Port 2 Gbps/s (2005-H08) with IBM System Storage SAN24B-4 (2498-24E) 8 Gbps/s.

Do I have to change any settings on AIX server ?
I have reconfigured news switches with same SAN zones.
Best Regards
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    Re: AIX Zonning - Fiber Channel

    The major activity would be from SAN switch part. You need to ensure that the zoning's are done properly for all the hosts which are connected to the new SAN switch as same as the configuration you have on the old SAN switch.

    Apart from that check you have right system firmware and fibre channel adapter firmware level on the server side. This needs to be performed as Prerequisites task.