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Pinned topic Question when to use SD vs SDMC

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I am researching SDMC in order to support PowerVM management. I understand that SDMC uses SD-Express Edition which has a limited set of functions/features as against the Standard/Enterprise editions of SD.

I have a question regarding the use-case when SD (Standard/Edterprise edition) would be better buy when compared to SDMC. SD offers a number of plug-ins that provide a lot more than the out-of-box management/monitoring features and also a rich set of REST APIs to access and modify the managed assets. So, what would be the value addition of SDMC as a management console with lesser functionality and no extensibility through plug-ins?

Would appreciate your suggestions/comments regarding this.

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    Re: Question when to use SD vs SDMC

    A few things:

    1. If you have Power Blades and standalone servers, then SDMC is a tectonic shift in that you can manage both from a single hardware console! You can then do things like LPM between blades and servers.
    2. SDMC is currently in its first release, changes and enhancements will occur over the natural product lifecycle.
    3. If you need the more advanced plug-in capabilities or the Tivoli components with Enterprise Edition, then standalone Systems Director makes more sense.
    4. If you need to managed a heterogeneous environment (i.e. not just Power), then you need to use a standalone Systems Director server.
    5. If you've never used Power Systems and/or HMCs, then a SDMC provides hardware and basic software monitoring in one, hopefully easy to use, package. More advanced users will continue to feel more comfortable with the traditional HMC today.

    Just a few thoughts.

    Glen Corneau
    IBM Power Systems Advanced Technical Skills
  • UIGuy
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    Re: Question when to use SD vs SDMC

    Hello Anant,
    One way to look at this question is to imagine asking "Should I use Systems Director or HMC to manage my servers?" The answer is that if you chose Director only, you would not be able to perform many low-level server management functions provided by HMC -- Power On/Off, create/activate/modify/relocate partitions, manage firmware, etc. SDMC provides essentially the same hardware management functions as HMC, so you need HMC or SDMC to do basic management of Power systems, and you may also need a separate Director server to perform the functions provided by various plug-ins: Creating and managing Workload Partitions on AIX via WPAR Manager; power/energy management through Active Energy Manager; High Availability through PowerVM SystemMirror, etc.