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Pinned topic Adding more bundles to the OSGi WAS 7.0 runtime

‏2011-08-16T23:47:32Z |
Recently I have been figuring out how to convert vanilla (Maven) OSGi projects to IBM RAD. One of the requirement is the I create META-INF/MABIFEST.MF at the root folder! Actually this is an Eclipse PDE req which IBM seems to use it.

Eclipse/RAD is complaining that couple of imported packages MANIFEST.MF is not resolving! The required bundles are in my WAS internal repo! But I think I have to enhace or add a folder containing bunch of bundles to the Equinox (WAS 7.0 Runtime) target?

Question is how do I add a directory containing bunch of bundles to WAS 7.0 Runtime target (OSGi)?

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    Re: Adding more bundles to the OSGi WAS 7.0 runtime

    Hi Matt,

    RAD OSGi Bundle projects do use PDE under the covers, so one of the easiest ways to make them aware of your other bundles is to add the bundles to the target platform. Select "Windows" -> "Preferences", then expand "Plug-in Development" and choose "Target Platform". Choose the active platform from the list and then select "Edit...". In the window that pops up, you can choose "Add..." and one of the options is to add a directory. Choose the directory that contains the bundles that you want your projects to resolve against.

    A couple of things to note.
    1. If you add more bundles to the directory, you will need to "Reload..." your target platform to pick them up.
    2. You may need to do a "Project" -> "Clean..." to rebuild your projects against the updated target platform.

    Hope this helps.

    Regards, Graham.