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Pinned topic Equinox or Equivalent OSGI Console for WAS 7.0 Runtime

‏2011-08-16T23:41:16Z |
I'm trying to deploy an EBA. Having some resolution problem.

How do I start the Equinox console and check how the bundles are resolving? I see a command for wsadmin - but it does not look like a typical Equinox Osgi console!

Any idea how do I start the Equinox OSGI console for the WAS 7.0 Runtime?

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    Re: Equinox or Equivalent OSGI Console for WAS 7.0 Runtime

    Hi Matt,

    There is an OSGi application console similar to that of Equinox, in fact the commands are designed to be familiar to an equinox console users, but it's aware of the WAS cell/servers and OSGi application isolation, so works better than a vanilla equinox console would. You start the console by running a script called osgiApplicationConsole.bat. This is located in the bin directory of your server profile (e.g. C:\WebSphere\AppServerV8\profiles\AppSrv01\bin>). help() gives you a list of commands. Probably the first thing you'll want to do is connect to the framework containing your app. You do this by first listing the frameworks available (using list()). You should see something like:

    ID Framework Version Node Server
    0 shared.bundle.framework 0.0.0 paddyNode02 server1
    1 1.0.0 paddyNode02 server1
    2 1.0.0 paddyNode02 server1
    3 1.0.0 paddyNode02 server1
    4 1.0.0 paddyNode02 server1

    This shows I have 4 apps and a framework for shared bundles. You can then connect to the one you want to investigate (e.g. connect(1)). Once connected, you can then use packages() to see the resolution and services() to see the services available and who's using them.

    Hope this helps.

    Regards, Graham.
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    Re: Equinox or Equivalent OSGI Console for WAS 7.0 Runtime




    You post is very useful and I tried as you instructed. But there are certain functionality that are available in Equinox that I could not use on the above suggested console.

    I want to INSTALL(upload) a bundle from local filesystem and then start it from the console. Like Equinox figures out if a recently started bundle is an implementation of another existing bundle, I want to be able to do the same on WAS 8.5.

    I have learned that WAS itself is a bundle running on Equinox. How can I access that parent environment to be bale to install bundles and thus expose as service. Thanks.


    Ben Saini