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Pinned topic Impromtu reports moved to new server but still looking for the old server

‏2011-08-16T16:08:35Z |
We have quite a few Impromptu reports that have been created over the years and shared from a Windows shared folder on our server. Just recently we had to replace that server and moved all the Impromptu reports to the new server. I updated the Catalog file to look at the SQL connection on the new server. We also have Impromptu installed at several workstations that connect through ODBC. Those ODBC connections have been updated to look at the new server as well.

The problem is, the Impromptu reports hang for about 30-45seconds when they are first opened and appear to be looking for the old server share. Once that times out the report then runs just fine off the new server and retrieves the data. I've updated the "Catalog Path" in the report properties but we still are getting the issue. I used Wireshark (networking sniffing application) and confirmed that when the reports are run they still are trying to find the old share name \\old-server\reports. It seems like there is some sort of meta-data or something within the report that is storing the old location of the report, instead of the new location \\new-server\reports.

Has anyone seen this before, or know of a way to clear out hidden meta-data in the reports? I've tried saving to a new file name, but the new filename has the same issue.