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Pinned topic migrating to WSRR 7.5

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I'm trying to update an existing WSRR installation to 7.5 and ran into some interesting problems using the Update Installer. It successfully updated WAS to and WSRR to, but when I re-ran it to install 7.5, I got some weird messages. By default it has WAS selected, but when you click Next, it says installation of WAS is not allowed because it's incompatible with WSRR. If you select one of the other patch levels available for WAS, it complains that is required for WSRR and you can't proceed. You are stuck in a loop. Anyone else see that? Any suggestions?


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    Re: migrating to WSRR 7.5

    There is no way to update a WSRR 7.0 install to WSRR 7.5.
    You must install a new copy of WAS and then install WSRR 7.5 onto it, then there is an upgrade/migration tool which will help migrate the data in your old database into your new WSRR 7.5 database.
    Please consult the Information Center for more information on migration.