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Pinned topic Emily-Its Excruciating! Any feedback from your RAD team?

‏2011-08-11T23:27:48Z |
Hi Emily,
I have tried every trick in the world to have my bundle converted to RAD and deploy as a .app.

I have now only one bundle and its an API bundle. Same as the bank API but different namespace and created as a maven project.

I added a new link folder called META-INF on the root of my project (So that RAD will recognize it as an OSGi bundle). Added OSgi facet etc!

Now I'm getting the following error!

An internal error has occurred. A file with the correct name exists in the bundle cache, but it does not contain the expected bundle

This is one simple API bundle! Why does IBM have to make things so tough?

Any ideas please? Should I open a Ticket with IBM? Are n't some of IBM guys involved with Aries Blue Print development? Why should this be even an issue?

Any help will be appreciated!

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    Re: Emily-Its Excruciating! Any feedback from your RAD team?

    Hi Matt,

    I have spoken to a RAD expert, Zina and asked her to look at your issue. She has already replied on that thread. Please follow this issue with her. I am sorry the issue has not been resolved.