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Pinned topic SDMC - Recover from system board replacement on Blade Server

‏2011-08-11T15:24:46Z |
SDMC managered Host sys0136 contain 2-VIOS and 1-VIOC. Both VIOS were(have to)
re-builted after transition from IVM to SDMC.

sys0136 is a blade server (PS701/Type 8406).

IBM replaced the bad system board in the blade.

The Hosts(sys0136) become "No Access", even with the correct password, the Host
become "unknown" and not able to access anymore.

How do you recover from this situation?

Here's the SDMC version:
lsconfig -V
"version= Version: 6
Release: 730
Service Pack: 0
SDMC Build level 1.Thu May 12 10:04:41 CST 2011
PSM Build Level 20110715.1
DPSM Build Level 20110715.1
MH11171: Director LAFix 164007, 163930
MF53082: Required fix for SDMC V6R730 (06-15-2011)
MF53525: Required fix for SDMC V6R730 (06-30-2011)
MF53657: Required fix for SDMC V6R730 (07-15-2011)
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    Re: SDMC - Recover from system board replacement on Blade Server

    If they replaced the system board, it means you have a new FSP on there. When they did the replace they likely reprogrammed the serial number to have it match your old one.

    1) Try doing a manual discovery of the blades FSP. (make sure you can ping it first). Then re-request access.
    2) If that doesn't work, remove the system from SDMC (right click -> Remove).
    • If you're using the SDMC as a DHCP server for the blades FSP, then do 'mksysconn -o auto' from the CLI
    • If you're using static IPs on the blade, then simply re-discover the blade via the Discover UI or CLI.

    Hopefully that cleans things up.