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Pinned topic Specifying schema for xmlValidator service

‏2010-10-12T19:29:10Z |
Hi,\n\nWe receive an XML document that will be translated into flat file. Before translation, the xml document should be validated against schema. I am using xml Validator service for this. How do we specify schema name in this service. I am listing the configuration below. Could some one please help me. \n\n<process name=\"default\">\n <sequence>\n <operation name=\"XML Validation Service\">\n <participant name=\"ECP_XMLValidator_Schema\"/>\n <output message=\"XMLValidatorInputMessage\">\n <assign to=\".\" from=\"*\"></assign>\n </output>\n <input message=\"inmsg\">\n <assign to=\".\" from=\"*\"></assign>\n </input>\n </operation>\n\n </sequence>\n</process>\n\nRegards,\nLatha
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