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Pinned topic How to view Virtual SCSI adapter of a VIOS like on HMC

‏2011-08-11T12:15:20Z |
Is there a way to view a list of Virtual SCSI adapters for a VIOS server with information of disk attach to Virtual SCSI adapters like we have on HMC ?
On HMC when selecting a VIOS partition then you select Hardware Information --> Virtual I/O Adapters -->SCSI so then you have a view of Virtual SCSI for this VIOS and list of disks attach to each virtual SCSI adapters.
I could not find such view on SDMC.
See screenshot attachement
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    Re: How to view Virtual SCSI adapter of a VIOS like on HMC

    This view has been split up. Take a look at the 'Manage Virtual Server' task on the VIOS (VIOS -> System Configuration -> Manage Virtual Server). There are 2 screens that are relevant:

    Storage Devices:
    • This view abstracts the vhost adapter info and shows you directly what backing device is connected to what partition.
    hdisk0         68.37                   rootvg          U789D.001.DQDGARC-P3-D1 hdisk1  136.73                  clientvg        U789D.001.DQDGARC-P3-D3 hdisk2  68.37   lpar53_ibmi(3)                  U789D.001.DQDGARC-P3-D6

    Storage Adapters:
    • This view gives you the more traditional virtual adapter centric view by showing you the virtual adapter info. EG:

    vhost0(13)    SCSI    lpar52_aix(2)   vscsi0(4) vhost1(14)    SCSI    lpar53_ibmi(3)  DC01(4) vhost2(15)      SCSI    lpar54_lin(6)   (4)

    You can also view this information on a partition-basis. That is, from the partition, look at these same tasks and you'll see information for just that partition.

    You can also view this in the System -> System Configuration -> Virtual Resources -> Manage Virtual Storage task. That gives you a storage centric view of things per VIOS.