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Pinned topic Datastage parallel FTP Enterprise Stage and iSeries

‏2011-08-11T05:15:00Z |
I want to use the FTP Enterprise stage in a datastage parallel job to retrieve data from an iSeries server and I'd like to be able to use wild cards in the file name. What is the correct syntax for the URI. I have tried FTP:// and variations adding and subtracting /'s and quotes. I can initiate an FTP session from a browser using this syntax FTP:// in this case ABCD is a database file in QGPL. The files I need to get are in the IFS but if the only supported FTP is to QGPL I can live with that. The FTP:// does not work with the FTP Enterprise stage and I get this error FTP:// is not valid remote file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.