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Pinned topic problem in viewing IBM Tivoli Portal views

‏2011-08-10T19:14:14Z |
I dont know where to post this thread, therefore sorry if i am posting it in the wrong forum.

we are using IBM ITM , IBM ITNM-IP with Omnibus Object server and IBM TBSM.
We have created some dashboards on ITNM-IP, TBSM and ITM TEPS, now we want to display these different portals views on different screens in our NOC, for ITM we have used a separate machine having windows xp installed with having 1 GB of memory, in order to cycle between different TEPS pages we are using firefox tabslide show addson, all is fine but after some time the TEPS session logs out automatically and prompting for username and password, is there a way so that the TEPS session runs smotthly? also on the other side we are using a single machine for both ITNM-IP and TBSM dashboards, and also using the same machanism for cycling through the screens, but after some time either the ITNM or TBSM portal view displays a black screen until we refresh it again. so any body knows about any problem free solution in order to display these vies on our big screens without any problem.

thanks in advance.