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Pinned topic File not found in D:\FileNet\IDM\Cache - "Server Error in Application'

‏2011-08-09T11:02:40Z |
Hi All

We are using CS 5.4 and eProcess 5.2 in our project.
We are having a customized .NET application.
Using this application, user can upload files from File Share and these are getting stored in FileNet Repository.
When the user tries to view uploaded files, files which are added at last can be seen from CACHE memory. Our .NET application is designed in such a way.

But , when user tries to view the uploaded files in the next days, then they are receiving error message "Server Error in '<application name>' Application ". Screen shot is there in below mail chains. When we debug , it throws a message like file not found in D:\FileNet\IDM\Cache. (The attached files in the past are not available here)

Pl let us know if you have come across of these error message and what is the solution.
Your urgent response would help us a lot.

Thanks & Regards